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22 May 2022 23:36


When will the famous actress Burçin Terzioğlu return to the screens?

Talented actress Burçin Terzioğlu’s latest projects were not long-term. The talented actress played the character of “Deniz” in the TV series “Yalancı”, which was broadcast on Show TV.

The actress, who shared the lead role with Salih Bademci in Yalancı, received great acclaim for her role as a literature teacher who was harassed in the series but could not prove it and tried to prove the sexual violence she was exposed to against all kinds of obstacles.

Despite the excellent performances of Terzioğlu and Bademci duo, Yalancı series remained on the screens for only 10 episodes due to low viewing rates.

‘When will Burçin Terzioğlu return to the sets she took a break in November last year? The question is among the topics that fans are most curious about.

The actress, who has been listening for a while, has made a name for herself with the shares she made on her Instagram account. The cheerful and pleasant moods of the actress draw attention in her sharing.

Her followers, who saw the famous actress so enjoyable, could not help but comment, “We are waiting for the screens”. Many fans commented that they missed the actress.

Burçin Terzioğlu’s posts enjoying the sun and nature received thousands of likes and hundreds of comments on her Instagram account, which has 2.3 million followers.

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