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Who is Kubilay Aka? Height – Age – Series – Family

Kubilay Aka was born on April 12, 1995 in Istanbul. Turkish TV series and movie actor.

Name: Kubilay Aka
Date of Birth: April 12, 1995
Place of Birth: İstanbul
Height: 1.83 m.
Weight: 77 kg
Horoscope: Aries
Eye Color: Black
Hair color is brown
Siblings: Elif İlayda Aka
Pets: His dog Thor.

Childhood years: Originally from Adana but born and raised in Adana. One of the kids who grew up playing games in the neighborhood. “Of course the neighborhood where I live was not like today’s technology and sheltered sites. As a neighborhood, we would take care of each other and live without closing our street doors. A T-shirt would not be thrown away without 3-4 house visits. I grew up in such a beautiful neighborhood. Long live the tomato paste bread! ”

Education life: He graduated from Eskişehir Anadolu University Airport Management Department.

The turning point of his life: He was discovered by chance while working at a private airport company in Muğla and was called for trial shots of the TV series ‘Wounded Love’. Bringing the character of “Ali Kemal” to life in the series, he also realized his first acting experience. “Of course I believe in luck; but we cannot claim that everything is chance. I’ve always wanted to act since I was very young. In addition to being in the right place at the right time and luck, it is also important to call what we want as energy. In the first trial, I felt like my heart was going to rupture my ribcage. I forgot a little scene memorization I had done for two days right there and focused on my knees to stop her shaking. When I got out, I got a phone call that they called me back as I walked to calm down, thinking “no way!” Then I worked for about two hours and went back into the shot. This time my memorization was complete and my knees had stopped shaking. But this time I did not feel my feet on the ground. I was so excited that I was dizzy when I left because I could not control my breathing. ”

First step into acting: He started his television adventure with the series ‘Wounded Love’.

With which project did he shine? At the same time, he attracted attention with the character “Ali Kemal”, which he played in the series “Wounded Love”, which was his first acting experiment.

Personality traits: A character that is very funny, friendly enough, understanding and always trying to take it down. “But like everyone else, as a human being, I have a good watch and bang wire. In difficult situations, I try to be in a very calm crisis management mode. But if it is about aggression, I can get angry without exceeding the dose, even if it is small for the place. Still, it is my priority to try to solve my problems by speaking mostly in small letters. ”

Social: He loves activities such as scary houses, paintball, safari, karaoke. “I have a very fun team of friends and when we do such things, we really have a great time and laugh and have fun. I also have a lot of fun while doing sports. In addition to these, I am a person who always laughs, has fun and jokes. Even if it’s not a material, I can create something to laugh at. ”

Mindset: It gives great importance to the feeling of trust. He feels peaceful wherever he trusts. “Most of us spend less time at home than at work. Home, even work, should be home. For that, I need to be safe there. However, if I am safe, I will be at peace. I try to listen to the criticism as much as possible. Because without criticism, I cannot improve myself. I think saying “I am” is the biggest mistake. What can I add, learn, ask? These are the most valuable questions for me. The most valuable criticism I have received so far is, given by my master Serhat Tutumluer; ‘You are making a lot of gestures, your emotion stays in the background. Don’t do it yourself. ‘

What kind of person is he on set? The character preparation phase is very long and painful. He makes lots of lists with lots of titles, analyzes and takes notes. “During this period, I write small scenes at home and work. I prepare walks, tone of voice, style of speech, stance. Talking to him in my head, I answer as him based on my analysis. During the set, if it’s a heavy scene, I have to stay a little alone and look into the eyes of the character I’m going to play from afar and internalize it. ”

The source of happiness: His sister’s presence is the greatest source of happiness. “If you were one of the last two people left in the world, if you asked who would you like the other to be; I wish I had a sister; dear, I can’t think of the world without him. ”

Are there any rules about himself that he never broke? Most importantly, sincerity rule. He doesn’t feel obliged to love or respect everyone. “I don’t talk or meet with anyone I don’t want because I never like being in an artificial and insincere environment. I always expect this from the people in front of me. On the other hand, I do not want to waste time with people I value. ”

First motion picture: Kıvanç Baruönü / Arif V 216

Looking at love: Love; I think it is a concept that can make people more human. Aside from the rapid beating of the heart, sweating of the palms, dilated pupils, minor pain in the abdomen; love is the way to add goodness to people, to get their life on track. ”

Career Plan: He loves watching theater. He also very much wants to be in a game; but they have some fears about it. When he overcomes his fears, he wants to be on the theater stage. “A little bit of theater square! I would love to take my place in the Er square as soon as possible. Generally, when the project comes, I read it without a breath and then I look at the staff and the director; The set is still trying to choose my school and teachers well for me. We have a long-term career plan with my manager Ufuk Ergin, we try to make appropriate moves while evaluating the projects. I’m interested in music; I was playing the guitar as an amateur but I never thought of singing. We made a rap song with Hayko Cepkin. I will continue music as a hobby; my head is distracted, I’m resting. ”

Concerns: He thinks that ‘smartphones’ are the worst catastrophe for humanity. “We can spend more than half of our day with them. Maybe we can’t walk on the street, sleep at night, or even do half of what we can do in a day. A great invention; But unfortunately, it can affect people and prevent us from seeing what is happening around. It’s almost like an invisible blinker. ”

Role model: Halit Ergenç as work, work ethic and acting. “I started by watching him and I think it’s one of my biggest luck.” Who are his favorite male and female actors? “It’s Al Pacino. Even watching his gestures is enough for me. Then there is James McAvoy. Among the actresses, I’m a Jennifer Lawrence fan. ”

The criterion of attractiveness in women: “Beauty should also be in the paste of the woman. I think a woman can become beautiful even with a gesture, a word or a gesture. Rather than dividing it into blonde, brunette and brown hair, I can say that the woman who keeps them all together and makes my heart beat faster is the most beautiful woman. ”

What does he do at home? He enjoys spending time at home in his spare time. He’s also good with the kitchen. “I set up my sports setting in the garden of my house; The best way to distract and discharge is for me. I cook well, I actually improvise completely, but I am very assertive in my sausages and pasta sauces. It is said that I am successful at the barbecue. Cafe de Paris sauce steak is indispensable, but as an Adana native, of course, I wouldn’t change a nice Adana kebab for any meal. ”

How is he with social media? He tries to exist as much as possible on social media; She likes to share something with those who love and support. He does not read much of his Instagram messages. “I’m looking from the top; I only go in when there is an important call for help, look at the message and respond.

Summer person? Winter man? He likes the winter season more. “Fire in the fireplace, some wine, rain, a nice movie under the blanket, hot coffee in the morning, thick thick clothes are much more attractive to me.”

Which feature does he like the most? “Trying not to fall and move forward no matter what” is his favorite feature. “Instead of running away, my father’s advice; It is always a pride for me to realize the promise of “die once instead of dying a thousand times”. ”

Hobby: He dives, plays the guitar, loves to travel. “You see different things at every meter you descend during the dive. For deeper, you need to improve yourself. Nowadays, I was very interested in music. Actually I play the guitar, but I started to get interested in electronic music, which is a little different. In addition, I have the passion to travel to many countries and discover the culture of each place separately whenever I get the opportunity.

Which movie was he affected by? He watched the movie “Babam Ve Oğlum” 15-20 times, each time he is affected.

Which series is he following? Game of Thrones and Peaky Blinders.

What is his biggest fear? Dark. He cannot stay for five minutes in the dark.


2020- Love 101 / Kerem

2017/2020 – The Pit / Celasun

2016/2017 – Wounded Love / Ali Kemal


2018-Something About That Night (Kısa Film)

2018- Arif V 216 /Yakışıklı Kemal

2018 -Aşk Bu Mu? /Umut

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