Actors - Actresses Who will be Kadir Doğulu’s new cast mate?

Who will be Kadir Doğulu’s new cast mate?

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Kadir Doğulu was the last to come to the screens with the Beloved series broadcast on TRT1. The successful actor entered different studies after his series, which made the final in March, but did not take a role in a series. The actor recently announced that he is rolling up his sleeves to make a Kazakh movie with his newly founded production company. The film will be released in Turkey. It will be broadcast abroad.

While Kadir Doğulu’s project was continuing, it started to be mentioned with a series. It was revealed that the actor will take part in a series called Solar Eclipse (Güneş Tutulması) while ago. Although there are not many details about the series, it is known that the preparations are still in progress.

According to the plans, the index is expected to be on the screen in January 2021. For this reason, the studies are a little slower. It was a matter of curiosity with whom Kadir Doğulu would play in the new project.

As the male lead became famous, the female lead with his partner was expected to become a famous name, but it seems that a different situation will follow. The name that will come across Kadir Doğulu is not desired to be a popular name.

According to the statement made by journalist Birsen Altuntaş on his twitter account; It is stated that 60 percent of Kadir Dogulu’s partner will not be a popular name. It seems that he will be a well-known person, but not very popular. It is understood from the explanation that the search for this name is still continuing.

By the way, Kadir Doğulu, who was asked about the Solar Eclipse series a short while ago, confirmed that the signatures have not been signed yet, but they are about to agree. “I can say that we are about to complete the contract process. They say in the mid-season, that is, in January, ”the actress used the expression.

It seems that the deal has been signed and casting is being made. We will continue to share information about the details with you …