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12 August 2022 14:30


Will the Annenin Sırrıdır Çocuk series end or will it continue?

The TV series titled Annenin Sırrıdır Çocuk (Mother’s Secret Child), which was broadcast on TV8, attracted attention with its story. The ratings of the series are still not at the desired level, but the fact that it affects a large audience should not be forgotten.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the fate of the series starring İrem Helvacıoğlu, Engin Öztürk, Selin Yeninci and Olgun Toker. Will the Annenin Sırrıdır Çocuk, whose ninth episode aired and the story flowed very well according to the faithful viewers, to end or continue?

It is not possible to answer this question yet. Because no decision has been made. However, there is another fact that the agreement between the producer of the series and the broadcaster tv8 is a one-season deal. In other words, there is no positive or negative situation for the series, which started on tv8 within the framework of the 13-episode deal.

Judging by the ratings of the series, it is not expected that tv8 will think about the second season. However, with the course of the story and the success of the actors, the series created a strong audience. Although the ratings are weak, the huge support of the loyal audience and positive impressions on social media can influence decision makers.

Of course, there is also the profit and loss situation, if tv8 is making a loss and does not think that the series will explode in the next season, the decision will be negative.

Hira Koyuncuoğlu will also participate in the TV series Annenin Sırrıdır Çocuk, the 10th episode of which will be broadcast on Wednesday, June 8, for 3 episodes.

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