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23 May 2022 23:52


Yalnız Kurt series opened the door to a new world for Damla Colbay!

The duo of Hasan Denizyaran and Damla Colbay take the lead role in the ATV series called Yalnız Kurt. The fact that Damla Colbay, whom we watched as Esra Türkmen, got the leading role is a very important development for her career.

The young actress, who stands out with the character of Zeynep in the Hekimoğlu series, has been on the sets since 2014. The actress, who took a side role with the character of Demet in the Black Money Love series, gave life to very influential characters in her other productions.

Hayat Mucizelere Gebe, İçerde, Zengin ve Yoksul and Hekimoğlu have been projects that have made the actress stand out in recent years. However, Yalnız Kurt is a different business. There is a large audience that especially likes intelligence, action and spying. The new phenomenon series of this mass, which was formed together with a phenomenon series such as Kurtlar Vadisi, was Yalnız Kurt…

This audience, which was satisfied with the series titled Eşkıya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz for 6 seasons, now supports Yalnız Kurt. Atv’s effort to keep this audience on its channel does not go unnoticed.

Damla Colbay, who takes part as the female lead in the series, which attracts a lot of attention with its messages emphasizing the recent history of Turkey, successfully portrays the character of Esra Türkmen.

The fact that the actress meets with the audience who love such productions, especially consisting of a male audience, will help increase her popularity considerably.

Those who like intelligence series ensure that the characters live for a long time, and at this point, the characters and actors of Yalnız Kurt hold an important opportunity.

It is not a coincidence that the ratings in the first episode of Yalnız Kurt series were very good and won the first place. Now, Hasan Denizyaran and Damla Colbay have become two popular actors for this audience that loves TV series with an intelligence-heavy story.

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