5. Will there be no season in the Forbidden Fruit?
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1 October 2022 23:02


5. Will there be no season in the Forbidden Fruit?

The famous actress Eda Ece was happy to receive an award from Şükrü Avşar, the producer of her first film. SESAM that the awards ceremony of the Turkey Cinema Works Owners Association of Profession live on stage at the awards with great pride and obtaining Eda Ece, drew attention with his speech.

Affirming that he has been acting for 10 years, Eda Ece said: “I participated in a long-running TV series and I have 7 films. I work with great care and work long hours. I came here from the set. I will be back on set again. We work hard, ”she said.

The actress, who won her role in the series “Forbidden Fruit,” said she loves her work. The series producer also won an award from SESAM. The actress, who lives this pride, also said that success comes with a lot of work.

Eda Ece said: “It is as intense as you can imagine. Nowadays, the season has started, the pace has increased a lot. We rested during the Covid era, it was quite a stressful time. Now we are working at a fast pace ”, he explained.

Eda Ece also has plans for 2021. The actress said that after the end of the 4th season of Forbidden Fruit, she will do new projects with the following words: “Our TV series is loved by Allah, we will complete this season too, so I will do new projects”.

Eda Ece’s announcement that she will do new projects after season 4 has confused people. Or is Season 5 not considered for the series? Or will the famous actress do other projects besides the series?

Fans are very curious about the details of this famous actor’s implicit word. Here is Eda Ece’s explanation:

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