A role that will make your mouth water! Sera Kutlubey is passionate about her new role!
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5 October 2022 17:14


A role that will make your mouth water! Sera Kutlubey is passionate about her new role!

Sera Kutlubey, who started to portray the character of Damla in the İyilik (Goodness) series, surprised many of her fans. The actress, who took on a different image in the new series with her youth and beauty and attracted the attention of her fans, took an unexpected step with the character of Damla she portrayed.

Starring with İsmail Demirci and Hatice Şendil, the actress returned to the television screen after a long hiatus, but this was a comeback that both pleased and disturbed her fans. The audience is pleased because she is back on the screen with a new role, but some of her fanatic fans are uncomfortable with the fact that she appears in front of the audience with a female character that destroys the nest.

Sera Kutlubey was very impressed by the character of Damla, who offered her a new experience for her career. Speaking to the Kamera Arkası program, the actress explained that they approached the concept of İyilik from a very opposite point.

Sera Kutlubey gave the following information about the series and the character: “We will watch a very different story with its narration and style. That’s why I’m so excited. When I first read the script, I was very excited. Because it never stops, it is very dynamic and every scene serves the story. I think this is very important for a script. At the same time, one of the features that makes this story different is the sister-sister relationship of Damla and Neslihan. There will be very different things waiting there.”

The young actress, who tells that she is in a dynamic, exciting and entertaining job in the series of favors, receives great praise from her fans with her performance even though the second episode has been published.

Sera Kutlubey took on such a different image with the character of Damla, in which she also reflected her sexyness, that her followers did not expect to see her in this state. In particular, the actress, who shortened her hair and dyed it black, revealed a very different image with this image.

Stating that the character Damla offers her a wide playing field, Sera Kutlubey said, “First of all, it is a role that will make an actress’s mouth water. There is an incredible playground. Damla is a fun, passionate, life-loving character, but also a little sickly. She has been hurt a lot in her past, and she has other problems that I can’t tell right now. That’s why she makes some mistakes. There is a basis for her mistakes. This is a very important thing for me for the character setup as well.”

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