A surprise to Eda Ece from miles away!
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30 March 2023 05:58


A surprise to Eda Ece from miles away!

Eda Ece, who played the star character in the Forbidden Fruit series, both received appreciation and tearful eyes with a post she made on her Instagram account. As a name that attracts attention with her social media posts, she published a video and photo from her Instagram account, which she actively uses.

In the photo and video coming from Kenya, miles away, in front of a little boy named Mutano, the words “Thank You Eda Ece” with stones attracted attention. Eda Ece extended a helping hand to little Mutano, who verbally repeats the same sentence in the video.

Explaining that the little Mutano, who reached Eda Ece through the Urgent Needs Project Foundation, was trying to live in very difficult conditions, the actor put her signature under a situation that once again revealed her sensitivity and sensitivity.

While Eda Ece was praised with her words “I am with you now”, expressing that she embraces Mutano, who does not have drinking water or clothes, she displayed an attitude that will set an example for many people.

The actress, who sent the message “I’m always here for you” to Mutano on the other side of the world, drew attention to people living in very difficult conditions like this little child and emphasized the importance of lending a helping hand to people in need.

Here is the sharing of Eda Ece:

@aipvakfi @ebrunurluoglu and @ozgurmrc sincerely thank you. We have helped many people in our country and around the world, the best people in the world who find and help those in need, and you follow them. Of course, I sent a video to Mutano. My dear, smiling face to meet one day. Be grateful for everything you have and try to help those in need, there are lives in such difficult conditions that when I see my heart hurt, I am angry with the injustice of this world. Mutano had no drinking water, no clothes to wear. I’m with him now, but there are more people, please be there. My dear Mutano, I’m always here for you! Even though I’m on the edge of the world ?? ♥ ️??

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