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19 August 2022 05:06


Actress Özge Özberk took her first steps as a writer with 3 books!

Actress Özge Özberk, who met her little readers with the series of Three Children’s Books, took her first step into writing. “Mavi Kuş”, “Kurabiye Ormanı” and “Yapabilirsin Dostum”, which draw attention with their fun and instructive language, took their places on the shelves with the label of İnkılap Bookstore.

Özge Özberk, who has signed three new books to feed the imagination of children with her Uncle Tonton, Blue Bird, Apocalypse and Aunt Pompom, named one of her heroes Leo, after her son. The books, drawn by Berk Öztürk, give children between the ages of 5 and 8 the habit of reading and promise enjoyable hours.

The first book of the series, Mavi Kuş (Blue Bird), is about the adventure of trying to make friends with the arrogant Blue Bird, whom the cute animals meet for the first time.

The second book Kurabiye Ormanı (Cookie Forest) describes a fragrant forest where delicious cookies are baked. The forest, where children live, who listen to tales from Uncle Tonton while eating Aunt Pompom’s cookies, is endangered by the arrival of a strangely dressed man.

The last book in the series is about a tale Uncle Tonton told children in the forest; “You can do it, my friend…” The story of Leo, who aims to knock down the dominoes properly, and Domingo, the tiny stone who wants to be in the front row and start the game, shows the importance of cooperation as well as fun.

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