After the TV series Maria ile Mustafa, Jessica May is back in Brazil!
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29 September 2022 17:03


After the TV series Maria ile Mustafa, Jessica May is back in Brazil!

Brazilian beautiful actress Jessica May was known for her TV series Yeni Gelin in Turkey. Attracting attention with her performance and beauty in the series, which lasted for 2 seasons, the actress also married a photographer named Hüseyin Kara and made Turkey her second homeland.

Jessica May returned to the screens with Hilmi Cem İntepe at the beginning of the season, together with the ATV series Maria ile Mustafa. The actress, who gave a strong performance in the series, which has a very good story, again won the admiration of her fans. However, when the series received ratings below expectations, it had to make an early finale in the 17th episode.

The actress, who said in her interviews that she missed her family living in Brazil very much and dreamed of going to them, in her interviews during the times when the pandemic was very intense, finally realized this.

The actress, who went to her family in Brazil with her husband Hüseyin Kara, shared her latest version on social media. The actress, who went to her father’s farm, milked the cows, fed the chickens and shared those moments on her Instagram account.

The actress, who gave the message “I’m wearing the boots, I’m ready for Brazilian posts” on June 14, posted many poses from the farm one after another.

Receiving offers for a new series, the actress will return to Istanbul in mid-July for project negotiations.

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