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17 May 2022 00:06


After these results, it is obvious once again that Son Yaz, Ramo and Maraşlı were removed from the screen!

The popular TV series on the screens, the leading productions of the televisions that are in great demand and watched with curiosity. Many projects and stories that are thought to be of interest to the audience in summer and winter are brought to the screen. The TV series, which are productions that reach large masses sometimes with star names, sometimes not well known or with actors who come to the screen for the first time, do not fall on the agenda of social media.

For the awareness that carries the series to the top, the audience is working like an officer! Most of the time, the viewers of the series, which are likely to make a final, try to contribute to the rating by experiencing a fast traffic on social media and strive to avoid the final.

The comments about the TV series on social media are also under the branding of producers and screenwriters. Because they can measure the reaction of the audience in this way, and sometimes they can make changes in the scenario. In addition, social media ensures that TV series are spoken and known in other countries besides Turkey.

Let’s come to the interesting development after the TV series Son Yaz, Ramo and Maraşlı were removed from the screen due to their low ratings.

Fox TV’s Son Yaz, Show TV’s Ramo and ATV’s Maraşlı series have become projects that are among the unforgettable productions of the screen, although they did not last very long. The viewers liked the stories and the cast of these serials very much, and they expressed their praise on social media, especially with the screen harmonies of the leading actors.

However, these three series were productions that made their audiences very upset by making their finals. Son Yaz, Ramo and Maraşlı were included in the category of unforgettable TV series for the audience, who did not like the early finale to the projects that are the product of this painstaking work, and who criticized the producer and the channel on social media because they were not given more chances.

So much so that they were talked about a lot on social media and they still continue to be talked about. This is even reflected in the lists created in the annual social media measurements! Sharing about these three TV series has brought the productions to the top 10 in the list of the most popular TV series of 2021!

The fact that Fox TV’s Son Yaz series was placed in the 2nd place right after the Sen Çal Kapımı series broadcast in 85 countries of the world drew great attention. According to the 2021 data of the digital media research platform Adba, the list of the most talked about TV series of the year in social media is below.

Considering the result of the “Popular TV Series” category under the “best of 2021” title of Adba Analytics, it is seen how right the viewers of the TV series Ramo, Son Yaz and Maraşlı are to stand behind their series!

The viewers, who tried to persuade the channels with great effort not to end these series, tried hard to reach those responsible with their social media messages, but the result did not change! It is common for these series, which upset them with the final decision, that they were treated unfairly. Son Yaz’s 2nd place, Ramo’s 4th place and Maraşlı’s 10th place list reveals this situation once again!

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