Artists News AhuYagtu is a cold person?

AhuYagtu is a cold person?


She, who gave life to the “Pırıl” character in the “Women” series, became the cover star of Elle magazine.

In the interview, AhuYagtu, who stood out with her sincere expressions, told us that her dream was to be a ballerina.

Yağtu said, “I have been working for years, I went to the conservatory examinations but unfortunately I did not realize my dream. I noticed that the ballet and the extreme discipline it brought was not for me at all, ” she said.

When asked if it seemed to be cold from the outside, she replied: “I started to live alone at a very early age. So I learned to be more cautious towards everyone, not to observe them before approaching people, and not to be able to get into life immediately. I guess this posture on my habit shows me colder than it is nowadays. I can say that I am a person who is funny, friendly, loves to laugh, has a sense of humor. ”

AhuYağtu’s other words in the interview are as follows:

“I leave my son Kemal with the rest of my working time and I am personally involved with him. When I say to get involved, I do not talk about everyone hanging around their corner. I’m talking about playing games with Kemal, dancing, spending time together.

Searching by fame is not good. Because I do not like to live my life in front of my eyes. I just do not want to be reminded of a single photo frame and the story that is made up under it. My favorite photo is taken with a close friend of mine, my private life is made strange, every man seen by me is written as my beloved, none is my choice. I try to protect my boundaries every single time. “