Big love on the set of Forbidden Fruit!
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29 March 2023 10:05


Big love on the set of Forbidden Fruit!

Forbidden Fruit, one of the interesting sequences of the screen where intrigue, love and lies are abundant, continues on its way with surprises that surprise the audience in front of the camera. After a few episodes, the new route of the series will be drawn, together with the episodes where the new season bombs will be detonated one by one, because 5 characters are preparing to say goodbye to the series.

After these news that hit the agenda like a bomb, along with the character of Halit Argun played by Talat Bulut, Kerim, Kaya, Yiğit and Lila surprised the audience with the rumors that they will leave the series. Let’s see how accurate are these backstage news? It is already eagerly awaited.

By the way, there is a great love behind the camera, apart from the love in the series. Eda Ece shares her photos and videos on her Instagram page with the little actress Kuzey Gezer, who plays her son Halit Can in the series.

Everyone knows how fond of the player for the little North. Baby Kuzey, who came to the set when he was only 40 days old, almost grew up in Eda Ece’s lap. He is very used to her. Eda Ece also surrounds the Kuzey like his second mother.

The famous actress is unable to express her love for the Kuzey, with neither words nor pictures. Finally, in her posts, it can be seen how much both Kuzey and Eda Ece enjoy being together.

Baby Kuzey looks very calm, happy and peaceful in Eda Ece’s lap. Eda Ece surrounded the Kuzey with his mother’s affection.

Here are the cute states of the two:

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