Artists News Birthday message for their babies from Pelin Akil

Birthday message for their babies from Pelin Akil


Pelin Akil celebrated her new birthday the day before. Today, she shared for the first year of her twin daughters named Alin and Lina. It is known that the couple frequently shares on social media. The twins are growing up in front of the followers on social media.

Alin and Lina can find almost every version of the baby on the couple’s Instagram accounts. Pelin Akil sees her babies as a miracle. The actress was also admired for her emotional message.

Here is the emotional message that Pelin Akil shared for her babies: “Happy birthday, my little miracles. Fortunately … Welcome to us. We do not try to do it from ourselves, we watch you with our huge love, we watch you admire you discover new things every day. We are learning a lot. Be healthy and joyful. let.

You are the most beautiful things my heart has ever seen. Your innocence, your scent of heaven, your smile, your creativity, your strength always fill my eyes, the most beautiful is to watch you together, never leave each other’s hands. I am with you as your mother in every step you take, every decision you take, I love you very much. Not enough to limit it to words, but not like that. Happy birthday my butterfly, Alin, happy birthday my daisy, Lina. ”