Series News BÖRÜ TV series won great acclaim

BÖRÜ TV series won great acclaim


The first part of the TV series was broadcast and liked.

The series attracted a great deal of attention from Turkish audiences.

The first part of the tv series was on Twitter a number on the TT list.

His cinematic shots attracted attention with his stunning screenplay and successful acting.

The second part of the series will be released on Star TV on Wednesday, March 7th.

A stunning trailer was shared in the second episode of the bionic sequence.

The story of BÖRÜ with 34 50 radio codes, one of the most distinguished offensive teams of the Police Special Operations, starts in Diyarbakir in the autumn of 2014. BÖRÜ is a story of those who never give up despite their own troubles, with their lives ready to be miserable for their victims, heroism and homeland. Mysterious academy with a first time introduction rookie, Turkey’s one of the most dangerous period a year entered, will be able to remain standing BÖRÜ but engaging.