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12 August 2022 11:09


Can Yaman lists the projects! His next project after the Disney Plus series has also been announced!

Can Yaman, who has been living in Italy for a year and has played the leading role in a series as well as many projects there, lists the projects one after the other. It was learned that the shooting of the Sandokan series, which returned to the snake story of the actor, who has the series to be shot for Disney Plus, has also been finalized.

Can Yaman, who received a series offer upon the great interest he received in Italy, has been living in this country for a year. Can Yaman actually went to Italy because he was going to play the leading role in the TV series Sandokan. However, the shooting of the series was postponed due to the pandemic and could not start.

Meanwhile, Can Yaman acted in commercials in Italy and participated in television programs. Then he took the lead role in the TV series Violet As The Sea. The first episode of the series will air on March 6. The handsome actor also released a perfume for himself and a book was published in Italian telling his life story.

Disney Plus, the digital broadcasting platform that will start broadcasting in Turkey in the summer, made an offer to Can Yaman to shoot a TV series in Turkey. When Can Yaman accepted the offer, the next project of the handsome actor became clear. Can Yaman will come to Turkey very soon for the shooting of the series to be shot by Ay Yapım and will stay here for a while. It is stated that the shooting will take four months.

On the other hand, the set date for Can Yaman’s Sandokan series, which has not been able to start for a year, has been announced. Filming will begin in the summer, possibly after the Disney Plus project is finished. Sandokan will also take four months to shoot.

It is among the information received that Can Yaman has renewed his contract with the Italian pasta brand De Cecco. The handsome actor will play in the advertisements of the pasta brand.

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