Series News Coronavirus measures in Forbidden Fruit

Coronavirus measures in Forbidden Fruit

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Due to the danger of coronavirus in the series sets, a careful work is carried out. Due to the coronavirus cases that appeared in the Love 101 series, the New Life series had stopped for a while. The other day, in the series Love Is In The Air, Elçin Afacan’s covid-19 test was positive, and the whole team was tested and the work was kept tight.

Eda Ece explained the measures taken in the Forbidden Fruit set. At the award ceremony of SESAM, the famous actress who was awarded for her star character and made a statement afterwards, said that they worked under very strict precautions on the set.

Stating that he is a health worker who is constantly standing in the Forbidden Fruit set, Eda Ece said that the team also has a covid-19 test every Monday. The famous actress said about the measures taken: “Working with a mask. When the actors are in front of the camera without a mask, we pay attention. There are hygiene rules. We are doing our best. Because it was summer, we shot the scenes mostly outdoors. To make it even safer. This is what we can do, we have to continue. ”

Fans of the series learned the details of why there were so many outdoor scenes in the first episodes of the 4th season with these words of Eda Ece. As the weather permits, the TV series crew preferred to work outdoors and tried to stay away from indoor environments. The coronavirus caused such a step to be taken in the Forbidden Fruit.

Eda Ece, who also made wishes from 2021, said that she could no longer ask for anything personal, and that she wanted the common troubles in the world to end and a smooth, healthy and new era.

Explaining that she could not even see her mother and father, the actress emphasized that she did not have time for love.