Artists News Cute Pose Of Doğa Rutkay with her son

Cute Pose Of Doğa Rutkay with her son

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Doğa Rutkay, who has been on the screens for 8 seasons with the role of Yeter in Güldür Güldür Show, also started to present the program called Çocuktan Al Haber, another entertainment program of Show TV. A photograph taken from the archive of Doğa Rutkay, who is on the agenda with her twins as well as her success in acting, warmed the people who saw it.

As it is known, Doğa Rutkay, who is married to journalist-TV producer Kerimcan Kamal, has twin children named Piraye and Rutkay Kerim from this marriage. Doğa Rutkay, one of the famous names who use social media very effectively, shares the development of his twins with his followers.

The actress, who is the voice of her parents from time to time, shares her knowledge and experiences, and conveys her joyful moments with videos and photos, at the same time gives her followers pleasant moments.

Those who follow Doğa Rutkay’s social media account learn about many issues related to daily life, children and health. Rutkay also shares expert opinions.

Rutkay’s last sharing was with her twin son Rutkay Kerim. The photograph taken in the lap of her son when he was only 1 year old features a profile picture of the mother and son. How similar they are can be seen once again in this photo.

Here is the sweet pose of mother and son …

my son was only one year old…
a square from his father’s eyes ?
life is running and running ..