Artists News The helpfulness of Doğa Rutkay

The helpfulness of Doğa Rutkay


The famous actress Doğa Rutkay, who plays the character of Yeter in the Güldür Güldür Show program, is among the most actively sharing celebrities of the quarantine process.

The famous actress, whose followers are following with interest, publishes both informative and entertaining content. Doğa Rutkay produces content that raises the awareness of its viewers on different topics from animal love to protecting natural life.

The actress also takes responsibility for making the voices of citizens needing support. Another aspect of Doğa Rutkay is the support it gives to the candidate players.

Doğa Rutkay has appeared in the graduation films of Bilgi University students 9 years ago. The actress, who shared a photo of that movie, was also highly praised by her followers.

Aylin Kontante, one of Doğa Rutkay’s friends at the Güldür Güldür Show, also commented and praised her friend.

Here is that share:

What did I wish again?
I had a role in Bilgi University cinema students and their graduation films …
How nice it is that people still remember and feel their memories like the first day.
Over 9 years ago …
Every moment is precious and special at all times, it is better to know its value …