Artists News There are many who admire the nature of Doğa Rutkay!

There are many who admire the nature of Doğa Rutkay!


Actress Doğa Rutkay has been making a name for herself recently with her social media posts.

The actress, who shares her experiences with her twin babies Rutkay Kerim and Piraye on social media, produces fun and informative content. In addition to sharing her happiness with her children, Doğa Rutkay also publishes on different topics that inform women.

You can see that Doğa Rutkay is trying to provide information to her followers on many issues, from child care, to house cleaning, to recipes, to sensitivity to animals, to protecting nature.

Doğa Rutkay, one of the rising stars in social media of the last period, is both natural and full of life in the eyes of her followers.

Doga Rutkay, who affects everyone around her with her energy and brings happiness to her followers, is appreciated with these features.

The famous actress shares her mood with her babies, both having fun and informing.

The following comment of a follower who draws attention to this situation of Doğa Rutkay clearly explains everything:

“What a sweet woman you love, I love your naturalness, your smile … Because your husband is very lucky, marrying a sweet girl like you … Lively, energetic and giving beautiful energies to people … I follow so many people on Instagram, you are the sweet energies, sincerity, beautiful, pleasant feelings. Always be happy with your loved ones. ”