Eda Ece: You asked for it!
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26 November 2022 19:18


Eda Ece: You asked for it!

Eda Ece, who is on the agenda with her star character in the Forbidden Fruit series, is a name that does not fall on the agenda of social media. The actress uses her Instagram account so effectively that she has become the address of those who want to get new news from the set of the series! She draws attention both with her daily life and her posts behind the camera.

The name, which is praised by the successful acting of the audience with the character of Yıldız, who played successfully in the series, also draws attention with its beauty. Like many celebrities, it is a name that does not hesitate to pose naturally.

However, the actress, who spent most of the day on the set, broadcasts the poses of the star character in makeup and dressed in her posts.

The actress, who was not bothered by looking without makeup, revealed a research result, made a humorous reference to her followers and published a new photo.

The actress, who was seen to be in the gym, took a selfie with her glasses and, in a study, stated that the most liked selfies are natural shots and shared her most natural state by saying “You wanted this”.

Here is the sharing of Eda Ece …

I read it in a foreign source; In a comprehensive social media research, it was stated that the most liked among the photos shared were natural selfies and professional shots were less popular. You asked for it note: the reader knows, not the traveler.

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