Facts that attract viewers to the series of Love 101
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27 March 2023 16:13


Facts that attract viewers to the series of Love 101

Love 101 series is very different from other youth series! The TV series Love 101, where Netflix aired its first season in April, was very popular.

Not only in Turkey, at least 10 productions among the most-watched series in different countries, was published in 190 countries.

Netflix’s worldwide organizational power also mediated the spread of the Love 101 series to different cultures.

Alina Boz answered the questions of Elle magazine about the series Love 101, in which she appeared with the character Eda.

Explaining that Love 101 is more than a student and summer series, the actress said, “Love 101 series is yes, but it can touch people’s hearts deeply with everything, whether it’s a narrative style or a regime.”

Underlining that the series appeals not only to young people but to audiences of all ages, Alina Boz stated that they received feedback from many people who watched ‘she remembers her own high school period’.

Alian Boz explained the difference of the series with these words:

“The effect of being on my digital platform is also very different. It was a project that can tell people about their troubles. I think there is no such thing as a classic youth series. Every project has its own expression, form, a different world. Our world is also natural, comfortable and almost everyone one time she asked herself, “Who am I? What is being good? she managed to attract the attention of the audience with his questions. “

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