Famous actress Alina Boz named her cat, which co-star in Aşk 101 series?
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29 March 2023 15:22


Famous actress Alina Boz named her cat, which co-star in Aşk 101 series?

Successful actress Alina Boz first attracted great attention with her Shattered TV series. Alina Boz, who has taken part in many different productions since then, was also admired for her role as “Mahur” in the Maraşlı TV series, which will always stand somewhere else in her professional career, and was praised for her performance.

Alina Boz, a beloved duo with Burak Deniz in Maraşlı, also made a name for herself with her performance in the series Aşk 101, which she shot for Netflix and aired for 2 seasons.

Alina Boz’s pose with her cat on her Instagram account also revealed a memory of when the Aşk 101 series was shot.

Noting that her cat’s name is ‘Kubi’, the actress said that they found the cat injured with her co-star Kubilay Aka during the shooting of Aşk 101 series, and that’s why the cat’s name remained as ‘Kubi’, which is the abbreviation of Kubilay.

The beautiful actress, who seems to have adopted the cat, enchanted her followers with the pose she gave with her cured cat. The beautiful actress is currently shooting the period film Bandırma Füze Kulübü, in which she shares the lead role with Denizcan Aktaş.

The movie, whose script is based on a true story, is eagerly awaited by the actress’ fans. The film, which tells the story of Bandırma Füze Kulübü, Turkey’s first space formation, is planned to be released next year.

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