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4 July 2022 06:54


Great performance by Merve Dizdar in The Innocents

We started to watch Gülben’s revolt, her meeting with love and her efforts to stand upright against her sister in the popular TV series The Innocents on Tuesday evenings. In the story of the series starring Merve Dizdar in the lead role, the character most upset by the audience focused on Gülben, the purest and innocent.

Gülben, who has always been in the shadow of the character of Safiye, played by Ezgi Mola, also wants to end the pain her mother inflicted on her sister years ago. Safiye, like her mother, does what she made for her brother… Gülben, on the other hand, throws her mother’s clothes by saying, “These are your head dirty, I will save you”.

Although Safiye opposes by saying “They are very precious to me, my mother is them,” Gülben’s words are very heavy: “I learned from you what I did. You taught me to be this bad. ”

Merve Dizdar’s rising performance in the series and the prominence of Gülben character also draw attention as an important progress.

Comments on Dizdar’s success are increasing exponentially on social media. Many people also supported the following words of a viewer: “All the actors are very good, but Merve Dizdar, who plays Gülben, was officially created for this role. Those looks, gestures, that cry … He’s officially alive. ”

Gülben, who always abducted under the humiliation and pressure of her sister, now wants to throw the dead land on her and save herself from that house. This output of Gülben, who dreams of getting married, affects the audience greatly.

The course of the relationship between Gülben and Esat also started to make the fans of the series very curious.

You can find the first images of the 9th section of The Innocents, which will be published on Tuesday, November 10, in the video.

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