Series News ‘I Never Give Up’ series is spreading all over the world

‘I Never Give Up’ series is spreading all over the world


TolgahanSayışman, ‘I Never Give Up’ series thanks to the world is touring!

Never Let It Go is a production that meets the audience in 2015 …

TolgahanSayısman and AmineGülşe were in the lead of the series.

The ‘I Never Give Up’ series was the story of two stubborn heartbreakers, desperately struck by lightning love. The summit of the summit, the promised Yiğit, who is all but the heart … Nur, who is no other than a guilty of listening to the voice of Kalbin … They were shot at each other with the love of lightning …

TV series watched not so much a production in Turkey. It was a fanatic mass, but it can not be said to have produced a great repercussions.

‘I Never Give Up’ was sold abroad. There are many audiences in African countries and the Balkans.

TolgahanSayışman also does not hesitate to promote to the countries where the series is published. The actor, who meets with his fans, is welcomed beautifully.

The consultant, who went to African countries, was met with great interest here. Now the Balkan tour will begin.

He is related to the intense interest of the people in Africa travel, “I will go again. I will also be on the Balkan tour. We are going to the countries where the series is published “.

Although the series is not such an ambitious production, he has opened a good door to the consultant.

He was very surprised to see the great apology shown to him in Angola.

He said: “I’ve seen a lot of interest in Macedonia and Kosovo before, but I’ve never seen that much. I was happy and I was proud. I think that it is very important for the Turkish language and for the interest of our country in terms of tourism. “