Series News Interesting developments in Our Story tv series

Interesting developments in Our Story tv series


Our Story published in the Fox TV screen in the sequence Turkey, comes to the screen in various countries around the world.

The series had interesting developments in the 24th episode on the screen on March 8, 2018.

The superhero “Barış” made an unexpected move. With the hammer of “Barış”, your index changed course.

It was between “Barış” and Filiz.

Filiz, who had to marry Cemil to get his siblings, went to court to divorce Cemil with his mother’s arrival.

Filiz gave up when she found out that her mother had left the house again in the meantime. This situation, of course, was bad for “Barış”.

Fikri’s daughter Yeliz and Cemil collaborated. Yeliz’s aim is to separate “Barış” from Filiz.

Yeliz lied to “Barış” about Filiz.

Yeliz’s place was shy; Filiz and Cemil live in the same house, they said that they had a close eye on their relationships. “Barış”, which was already angry, believed in this lie.

“Barış” returned to the doctor, found the liver needed for Fikri.

Filiz went over to thank “Barış”.

Filiz thought that “Barış” had given up on himself when she saw “Barış” and his former love.