Jessica May enjoyed the holiday before her new series
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30 September 2022 14:26


Jessica May enjoyed the holiday before her new series

Hilmi Cem İntepe, Jessica May and Tamer Levent, starring Maria and Mustafa, the preparations for the series were completed and the shooting started last week.

Jessica May, one of the leading actors in the series, was seen during the Bodrum holiday. The beautiful Brazilian actress, having a holiday with her husband Hüseyin Kara and her friends, had fun. The actress, who stored morale before the series, said, “I will return to Istanbul for the shooting of our new series. I want to evaluate the last days of the holiday well ”.

Preparations for Maria and Mustafa were completed and shooting started. Faruk Teber sit in the director’s chair on the set of Columbia Maria came to Turkey with the heir to the famous family of Urgup is the subject of Mustafa’s love story.

Many successful actors such as Ezgi Çelik, Haki Biçici, Haldun Boysan and Hülya Gülşen are involved in the production. The series of Maria and Mustafa is in a production position that is expected to attract attention in the new season.

On behalf of Jessica May, who shows herself with the New Bride series, this series will be an important debut project. The series of Maria and Mustafa will meet the audience as a drama-based project.

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