Jessica May has been teaching for her new drama for months!
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30 September 2022 10:11


Jessica May has been teaching for her new drama for months!

Brazilian beautiful actress Jessica May, who draws attention with her Bella character in the New Bride series, returns to the screen with a new series in the new season… The actress who shares the lead role of Maria and Mustafa with Hilmi Cem İntepe, who will be released on ATV, is experiencing great excitement.

Learn more players at an important opportunity to further develop your career point in Turkey, it is 5 months for the new series is taking dance lessons …

Jessica May, who will portray a Latin young girl from Colombia, has been continuing her lessons for 5 months, especially for the series where the salva will stand out. Jessica May said, “I always had an interest in dance. I have been taking lessons for about 5 months. Salsa also took place among my favorite dances like samba ”.

The story of Maria and Mustafa is a drama… The subject of the series also attracted attention with its similarity to the Foreign Groom. Maria from Colombia who came to Turkey the heir to the famous family of Urgup Mustafa screen love story of the future of ATV series, is regarded as one of the new season with ambitious productions.

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