Jessica May is satisfied with the quarantine process!
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1 October 2022 01:28


Jessica May is satisfied with the quarantine process!

New Bride series was broadcast on Show TV screen and continued for 3 seasons in total. One of the leading actors in the series was Brazilian Jessica May. The actress who developed her Turkish in this series also left a mark in the hearts with her successful performance and beauty.

Jessica May, who married photographer Hüseyin Kara, drew great attention to the character of Bella. Later, she starred in the movie Dert Bende. The actress who participated in the series named Maria and Mustafa, which will be broadcasted on ATV, quarantined herself because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Answering the questions of the TV100 Magazine Line program, Jessica May said that the quarantine process was good for her.

She said, “It is actually calm for me. I am doing it now because I could not find time for the things I wanted to do before. I am reading the books I want to read before. It started to cook more. I started to cook about it. I spend time with my cats. It is going well, it is passing calmly. ”

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