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4 July 2022 09:40


Jessica May will return to the series, but this time things will be different

Famous actress Jessica May was granted Turkish citizenship in the past months and achieved her long-standing dream.

The actress, who became popular with the TV series Yeni Gelin (New Bride), was later talked about with her successful performance in the drama of Maria and Mustafa. The actress, who we could not see in the TV series recently, went to her family in Brazil with her husband.

Jessica May, who returned to Istanbul and started to evaluate the offers that came to her, once again enchanted with her beauty.

The actress sincerely answered the questions asked to her at the event she attended. The actress, who did not catch any coronavirus during her stay in Turkey, announced that her entire family was infected with the coronavirus in Brazil, she said.

Jessica May said, “We have corona in Brazil. Everyone had a hard time. Everyone is fine right now. I’m the only one who doesn’t have a symptom. Nothing happened to me either, I caught up with everyone. Other than that, it’s been tough.”

The actress said that there are new offers that excite her, but that she would like to take part in a different story. The actress said, “There are exciting projects. I really want to do something different. The story and character are important to me. I am reading them. I’m evaluating a few projects,” she said.

Explaining that they also have holiday plans in the summer, but they do not make a clear calendar, Jessica May said that being accepted into Turkish citizenship makes her very happy and that she shows her Turkish identity when she goes somewhere.

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