Kayra Zabcı carries a great weight that she feels in her bones in the Alparslan series!
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3 February 2023 13:51


Kayra Zabcı carries a great weight that she feels in her bones in the Alparslan series!

The second season of the Alparslan Great Seljuk series, which is broadcast on TRT1 screen on Monday evenings, continues and Kayra Zapcı is one of the newcomers to the cast. The famous actress, who is included in the story with a tough character named Seferiye Hatun, also maintains a good partnership process with Barış Arduç.

After Fahriye Evcen left the series due to her pregnancy, the screenwriters started a new era for the character of Alparslan, and the character of Seferiye Hatun was included in the series from the beginning of the second season.

After a very popular name like Fahriye Evcen, Kayra Zapcı’s coming to the story as Barış Arduç’s partner was both a great chance and a great responsibility for the actress.

Kayra Zabcı talked about the latest situation in the series at the event she attended. The actress said, “The series is going very well, everything is fine on the set. There is no problem, everything is fine, ”she said.

The weight of Seferihe Hatun’s character in the second season of the Alparslan series is obvious, and it’s a huge burden for a young actress like Kayra Zabcı. However, many people from the episodes so far have seen that she is under this role.

Kayra Zabcı talked about this great responsibility: “Since the character has a natural weight, I have a responsibility. I am trying to do this as best as I can. But in a negative sense, there is nothing for me to feel bad about.”

Expressing that they had never met Barış Arduç before, Kayra Zabcı said, “She is so wonderful, I love her very much and she loves me too. She helped me a lot, ”she said, and praised her partner.

The actress also reminded that she is the first leading role of Seferiye Hatun in the Alparslan TV series. The young actress stated that the producer gave her this opportunity and brought her to a very good point and did her best to take responsibility for it.

Stating that she received various trainings such as horse riding before going on the set, the actress also explained that she researched the character of Seferiye Hatun, who has a place in history, from the books and did a preliminary study for the role.

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