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6 July 2022 11:33


Kissing scene confession from Eda Ece!

The famous actress Eda Ece, who plays the Yıldız character in the Forbidden Apple series, is troubled about weight … The actress who spoke in the chat program she participated in, someone who does not give much value to the appearance. She thinks that the time spent on can be used better by reading and watching.

Stating that her normal weight is 56, the actress said that she could never be a 48 kilogram girl, and in the best case she could go down to 53 kilograms.

Underlining that she respects everything done for health, the player unconsciously entered a eating mode during the quarantine period. The actress, who could not fit the gluttony, said, “I gained weight first in this period. When two meals are hard on the set, 3-5 tea at home, at night or something … I do not like to be greedy. Gluttony is a bad thing, it has a balance, I do not suit myself as a person.”

Eda Ece stated that stress causes stress and not sadness. When the actress is very stressed, she takes her greed by eating food. Admitting that she had difficulty in kissing scenes, Eda Ece said that she does not like the work done on the female body.

The actress said, “I do not like the more racy works that the woman is shown as sexy. The romantic candles are not burned and left alone on the set to kiss the role. There is a serious job stress and professionalism there.”

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