Series News ‘Lifeline’ series actors are very lucky

‘Lifeline’ series actors are very lucky

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In their lead, UlaşTunaAstepe, İremHelvacıoğlu and ÖyküGürman’s ‘Lifeline’ series, 17 weeks behind the series was left behind.

The interest that it has in the series never diminishes …

“Superb set, very scenic, thanks to all the team”

“There’s no such sequence, it’s working up to the people’s marrow”

These expressions belong to the audience …

Those who take part in the series are also very lucky … UlaşTunaAstepe, İremHelvacioglu, SinanTuzcu, ÖyküGürman, MehmetAliNuroğlu have almost reached the top of their career with this series.

Even if they are on different projects until now, players who have not been recognized by such massive masses before have been able to get the chance of their lives.

It is a great chance for all players to take a role in such an impressive and ambitious lineup when the series is broadcast one by one …

An audience refers to this point and gives the following message:

“Oh, there was to be a lead player. It’s a great show. From the author to the director, from the camera to the voices, to the players and fighters, everything is very natural. It’s both gripping and convincing and impressive. The quality of Director Osman Exam is also obvious.”