Maria and Mustafa will be full of pain and tears!
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1 October 2022 02:20


Maria and Mustafa will be full of pain and tears!

A new series starts on the ATV screen on Sunday evening, September 6. The drama-filled episodes of Maria and Mustafa, the story of which takes place in Ürgüp, will lock the audience on the screen. This is a love that involves great difficulties between the Colombian bride Maria and the son of Ürgüp’s well-known family, Mustafa.

Jessica May and Hilmi Cem İntepe, the leading actors of the series Maria and Mustafa, found a good harmony. The tempo, visual richness and the energies of the actors were important details in the trailers. The audience is excitedly waiting for the first episode.

Jessica May, who gives life to the character of Maria, returns to the screen after the New Bride series. The actress, who changed the color of her hair for the first time in her life, attracted attention with her new version. Jessica May, who spoke to the TV show, described the character of Maria as follows:

“Maria was born in Turkey. Her mother is Colombian, her father is Turkish. She returns to Colombia as a child and grows up there with her mother. Her whole life is spent there. Then when it came back to Turkey where he does not expect to encounter things. Love, adventures, different feelings in your life. She will feel things she has never felt before. She’s a very happy girl. She’s a very dreamy girl. ”

Maria dreams of, but their character is changed with the return to Turkey stating that Jessica May told the audience in tears as he promised directory.

Jessica May, “The story is a drama. We will cry a lot and laugh a lot. There is a little inside. But she is a very high energy girl, Maria said.

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