Artists News Merve Boluğur has set a new goal

Merve Boluğur has set a new goal


With the launching of the North South series on the screen again, it was meaningful that Merve Boluğur met with her fans, albeit with her old series. Many followers criticized the actress’s distinction from the series that passed 3 seasons since 2017.

She stated that she started a beautiful day by adding a beautiful photo and wrote, “I think I want to go to the sea the most when I need beautiful days, let me end the corona with my smiling face.”

Expressing that life is a very beautiful teacher, the actress mentioned that we should be thankful for every second. Boluğur said, “In fact, we discovered that there are unlimited things we can do. We realize that being happy is very simple. Of course, emotions are mixed, we adapt to a very normal new order. She was expressed as a “house arrest”.

Emphasizing the importance of being healthy, Merve Boluğur emphasized that life is also very beautiful. The actress also gave a message to her followers with the words:

“What a blessing it is to be healthy and mindful. Teaching teaches life is beautiful… Let’s focus on what makes you happy, dreams are free. Maybe new goals. I already started preparing for the university exam. what have you learned? Share your … ”

It was remarkable that Boluğur announced that she was preparing for the university exam. What was the new target of the player was also a curiosity.