The allegations that upset Nesrin Cavadzade and what a shame!
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30 September 2022 10:35


The allegations that upset Nesrin Cavadzade and what a shame!

Nesrin Cavadzade, who has recently come to the fore with the character of Şahika she acted in the Yasak Elma series, was sent from the cast just before the 4th season finale of the series. The actress, who had a disagreement with the director, was removed from the story by the producer after she left the set.

Nesrin Cavadzade has been resting since May. The actress is also in love with Gökhan Alkan. The rapprochement that started on the set with Alkan, whom he met in the same series, is on the way to marriage. It was also mentioned in the tabloid press that Gökhan Alkan made a marriage proposal to Cavadzade.

However, a claim was made about the actress whose authenticity would be questioned. Allegations were made that Nesrin Cavadzade reacted to reporters who took her photographs, asked them to delete them, and exhibited aggressive attitudes.

The famous actress made a statement, stating that she misrepresented what happened. The actress, who was uncomfortable being seen when coffee spilled on her white dress at the law office she went to for support of a friend, stated that she only asked not to shoot.

Nesrin Cavadzade said: “I was taken off with shoe covers on my feet because coffee spilled on my white dress. When I saw that I was being pulled, I asked her not to. But it was very misrepresented. I’ve been doing this for 20 years. With my films, my awards, my Golden Oranges, my acting. I’m not the type to blame anyone. I am so sorry that it was portrayed this way. She who knows me knows. I respect you too, you are doing your job. You are the most valuable bridge between us and the people. So I was very upset.”

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