Artists News The character of Neslihan in the series İyilik impressed Hatice Şendil!

The character of Neslihan in the series İyilik impressed Hatice Şendil!


After the Aşk Mantık İntikam (Love Logic Revenge) series on Fox TV was over, Friday nights were not empty. The channel management launched the new series called İyilik (Goodness), and the second episode of the series, which met with the audience, started its screen life with lower ratings than expected… Perihan Savaş is also featured in the series starring İsmail Demirci, Hatice Şendil and Sera Kutlubey…

Since the İyilik series is about deception and intrigue, it is very similar to the Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) series. However, we can say that this similarity in terms of ratings does not work well for the new series. Speaking to the program called Kamera Arkası, Hatice Şendil takes part in the story with the character of Neslihan.

Neslihan, who has a happy home and lives a good life with her children, has been cheated on by her husband for years, but she learns this later. Stating that the name of kindness explains everything clearly, Hatice Şendil said:

“The name says it all, Goodness. I just wanted to do you a favor. Sometimes we just want to do a favor, and from there a story is born. Our story of the struggle of a woman who has taken goodness at the center of her life with goodness. Many events are developing along with it, it is not just a favor. Do we do good only for ourselves, or for someone else? We have a story that seeks answers to all these questions.”

Explaining that Neslihan is a very real character, stating that she has both weaknesses and wounds, Hatice Şendil said that her spirit that learned a lesson from everything she experienced also affected her a lot.