Artists News The day that changed the life of Didem Balçın

The day that changed the life of Didem Balçın


The famous actress Didem Balçın was engaged to lawyer Can Aydın in March. It turns out how the couple met. She posted a message for the first year of their meeting from her Instagram account. Stating that they met at Kenan Doğulu’s concert in Istanbul Das Das on April 27, 2019, Didem Balçın took a big step towards marriage with Can Aydın after a year.

The dating story of the couple, who got engaged in March after their 6-month partnership, goes back to April 27, 2019. Didem Balçın explained her dating stories as follows: “A year ago today is a full spring evening .. There is a Kenan Doğulu concert in Das Das. Of course I am there again. I am unaware that I will upload a photo. We are having a crowd with a concert. We were hello and met with you sometime.”

Didem Balçın stated that one should not look for something in life and that there are some good things to happen, and she suggests a little bit of fatalism.

Balçın said, “That’s why we shouldn’t hang out a lot. Not looking for a lot. May the 1st Year of our meeting be celebrated with festivities. somewhere within us and very soon, ” she signaled that the marriage was close.