The story got weirder in Mahkum, which has come to the top again!
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4 February 2023 13:01


The story got weirder in Mahkum, which has come to the top again!

Mahkum (Prisoner) series, who met with the audience on Fox TV on Thursday evenings, came to the screen with its new episode yesterday. Mahkum, who was at the top last week, managed to take its place again this week. However, things got weirder in Mahkum, who was criticized for the strangeness in its story in the last chapters.

The Mahkum series, which came to the screen with its 20th episode last night, confused the audience. First, it was announced that the new episode will not be on the screen. However, it was learned that the new episode will be broadcast at the last minute. Despite all this unfortunate development, Mahkum managed to seize its top spot this week.

Mahkum series, starring Onur Tuna and İsmail Hacıoğlu, became the first in all viewers and in ABC1, and second in the AB, with the score in six bands last night. However, the new episode of The Camdaki Kız (Girl in the Glass), Mahkum’s fiercest rival, did not come to the screen last night. Therefore, we will find out next week whether the Mahkum turned this situation into an opportunity.

The Mahkum series is one of the productions that has experienced the hardest decline in recent weeks. While the criticism for the story of the series increased, such a sharp fall surprised everyone. By the way, in the episode aired last night, very strange developments took place in the story of the Mahkum.

In the episode aired last night, it was revealed that Barış Yesari, whose death we had watched before, was alive, Fırat returned to the prosecutor’s office, Savaş’s mother died. All these developments took the audience by surprise. İsmail Hacıoğlu, who portrayed Barış ve Savaş Yesari, once again garnered applause with his performance.

The Mahkum series has managed to regroup the rapid decline in its ratings in recent weeks. However, strict viewers of the series point out that the work of the screenwriters of Mahkum will become more difficult. These viewers drew attention to the fact that the Mahkum series continued just like the original in the first episodes.

These viewers, who said that the original ended in 18 episodes, stated that it was very likely that the ratings of the series would drop when the main story ended and the screenwriters started adding. Therefore, we are all eagerly awaiting the course of the Mahkum in the coming days.

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