Artists News [Tolgahan Sayisman] from aesthetic reaction

[Tolgahan Sayisman] from aesthetic reaction


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Actor, his wife, AlmedaAbazi aesthetic claims about the very deteriorated.

Actor supported her husband with the following words: “It’s being treated like a face-lift!”

The week before last, he was welcomed with interest by the player who went to the capital city of Luanda of Angola.

The actor who reached a serious fan base with his “never give up” series published in the country, “Everything was very nice and enjoyable. People are positive, gul-faced and warm-blooded. I tried to be worthy of their love. ”

“I did not hesitate,” said the actor, who stated that many people were warning him about security when he went to Africa.

The actor who made a statement on the news that his wife Almeda Abazi got aesthetic, said, “She spent two operations on the nose, no other intervention. She does not hide it either. She likes to care.”