Tolgahan Sayisman changed his image, his new project appeared!
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2 February 2023 21:36


Tolgahan Sayisman changed his image, his new project appeared!

Famous actress Tolgahan Sayışman’s wife, Almeda Abazi, gave birth to her daughter Alina. In addition to being a father for the second time, Sayman also experienced the excitement of being the father of a girl.

The image of the actor, who made a statement to the cameras in front of the hospital and showed his happiness, also attracted everyone’s attention! At the beginning of the season, the series titled Şeref Sözü, in which he played the leading role, started the screen with a big claim, and was canceled after 4 episodes as a result of low ratings.

Tolgahan Sayisman was upset by this development and said that he would not be on the screen for a while and would deal with trade. The actor did not have a project for a long time. Saysman, who attracted attention with her long hair, which was displayed with a different image last night, gave good news to her fans.

Tolgahan Sayisman said that the image change was for a project. But this project is not a series. Expressing that she will take a role in a movie, the actor said, “There is a new project in the coming period. I extended it for preparation. I’ll see later, I can cut it again. Long hair is tough. “Next year is a movie,” he said.

The actor did not give details about the project. You can find Sayisman’s happiness of being a father for the second time and his new image for the new project in the video.

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