Artists News Will Nesrin Cavadzade scrape her hair?

Will Nesrin Cavadzade scrape her hair?


Nesrin Cavadzade, the famous actress we watched as Şahika in the Forbidden Apple series, made a statement stating that he has been in quarantine for 45 days. The famous actress closed her home in the middle of March, when work stopped on the set of the Forbidden Apple series.

She, who does not leave her house in order to be protected from coronavirus, attracts the attention of her followers with her posts on her social media account. The actress, who makes humorous shares, impresses with her sympathetic state.

Nesrin Cavadzade posted her photo below with the message “I am scraping my head and I go between every strand of this hair.”

“Neslihan cut mine, if you go to him, she can cut it,” Eda Ece sent a message to the player who made a humorous post.

Cavadzade responded that she was talking about scraping, not cutting her hair.

Eda Ece also said that Neslihan Yeşilyurt had cut her hair in a message she shared for her birthday.

Neslihan Yeşilyurt is the director of the Forbidden Apple series