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5 July 2022 13:16


Yılmaz Güney movies attack from BluTV!

BluTV, which includes the filmography of the most important directors of Turkish cinema, adds a new one to this selection. BluTV brings the ‘Ugly King’ of Turkish cinema and a special selection of the cult films of legendary actor, director and writer Yılmaz Güney to the cinema lovers.

Turkey’s leading local online video platform BluTV adds a wide selection from the filmography of Yılmaz Güney, the immortal director of Turkish cinema, nicknamed “The Ugly King”, to its archive. The films of Yılmaz Güney, the cult name of cinema, which is shown in many festivals and taught in both Turkey and the world, are on BluTV!

‘Umut’, one of the most important films of the director’s filmography and that premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, is meeting with moviegoers again through BluTV, such as ‘Sürü’, the film written by Güney and presenting a panorama of Turkey, directed by Zeki Ökten.

Yılmaz Güney’s 1968 film ‘Seyyit Han’, whose timeless films with a realistic perspective left their mark not only in the period they were shot but also in every period of Turkish cinema, ‘Aç Kurtlar’, which he wrote and directed and also took the lead role in 1972, set out to smuggle. ‘Ağıt’, which tells the story of a man and his friends in the process of adapting to the place they are in, and ‘Endişe’, which won a total of 5 awards, including the ‘Best Film’ award from the Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, are among the remarkable films of the elite.

With the selection featuring many more films from the director’s cinema, moviegoers will embark on a timeless journey in the master director’s cinema with the selection featuring many more.


Seyyit Han: Toprağın Gelini / 1968

Aç Kurtlar / 1969

Umut / 1970

Vurguncular / 1971

İbret / 1971

Ağıt / 1972

Endişe / 1974

İzin / 1975

Zavallılar / 1975

Sürü / 1978

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