Aslı Enver loses with her private life
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26 September 2022 09:24


Aslı Enver loses with her private life

The famous actress Aslı Enver was on the screen for 3 seasons with the character of Süreyye in the Bride of İstanbul series. It was also a great success. It peaked in popularity. She further improved his acting and increased the number of her fans.

The good sales of the Bride of İstanbul series abroad also helped the actress to be known more in foreign countries. After a short rest, Aslı Enver appeared before the audience with the Babel series.

Shots stopped in the Babel series due to the coronavirus outbreak. The developments show that meeting with the audience in the new season is more realistic. The Babel series drew great attention with its first season. Aslı Enver also made a different appearance with the police character.

However, the famous actress, who could not carry the success in her business life to her private life, was added to the list of losers in 2020. Barış Kocaoğlu, an Akşam newspaper writer, added the famous actress to the list of losers during the quarantine process due to coronavirus.

Aslı Enver met with Uraz Kaygılaroğlu after leaving Murat Boz. The duo, who met twice, did not turn it into a relationship, considering that they were not suitable for each other. Then, Aslı Enver, who got close to the former basketball player Kerem Tunçeri, had a bitter experience.

The disclosure of messages sent by Kerem Tunçeri to other women also led to the end of the relationship. Born on May 10, 1984, the actress is extremely successful in her career. However, she is far from the happiness she is looking for in her private life.

36-year-old Aslı Enver is looking for logic, not love. It is not known whether she will find her fortune in her quest, but her fans want the famous actress to be happy in her private life as well.

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