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6 July 2022 19:16


Canan Ergüder’s film that will raise awareness about Alzheimer’s disease is being screened!

Actress Canan Ergüder acted with her husband Kenan Ece in the documentary film “Sadan Hanım: An Istanbul Lady”, which was shot about a real Alzheimer’s patient. The film, which was shot to draw attention to Alzheimer’s disease, will be screened in the theaters of “Another Cinema” platform on September 21, when Alzheimer’s Week begins.

The documentary film directed by Göksel Gülensoy, who is also Sadan Ünüvar’s son-in-law, tells the story of Sadan Ünüvar’s life in Turkey and abroad, from his childhood until his death. In the movie, Sadan Ünüvar is played by the famous actress Canan Ergüder, who met him 4 years before he died. Kenan Ece plays his wife Ziyaeddin Ünüvar, who is a military attaché. Arsen Gürzap also adds strength to the film, in which Serap Aksoy and Ebru Nil Aydın also starred.

After the exhibition leg of the six-year project consisting of exhibition, book and film last year, the drama film will meet with the audience this year. The film both reveals the inspiring life of Ms. Sadan and draws attention to the early diagnosis of the disease in our country, where it is predicted that one out of every three people will have Alzheimer’s in the near future with the prolongation of life expectancy.

Alzheimer’s disease, which is becoming more and more widespread in our country and in the world, was the subject of the documentary film “Sadan Hanım: Bir İstanbul Hanımefendisi”, which includes the stages of a real person in the 5-year period from the first diagnosis to her death.

The director of the film, Gülensoy, said in a statement that Şadan Hanım’s husband was a military attaché working in different countries and we had a unique video archive of approximately 4 and a half hours due to her interest in making videos. At that time, she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. We talked to her doctor and the Alzheimer’s Association and filmed the stages of her disease with the scientific method.

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