Eda Ece regretted taking part in the advertisement
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5 December 2022 07:06


Eda Ece regretted taking part in the advertisement

Famous actress Eda Ece, who plays the Yıldız character in the Forbidden Apple series, is known for her love of animals. She found 5 puppies on the way to the Forbidden Apple set in the past months.

Eda Ece, who rushed to the aid of newborn dogs, took them to her car and searched for people who would own the Instagram account.

One of the dogs was owned by Demet Özdemir, and the other was directed by Neslihan Yeşilyurt, the director of the Forbidden Apple series, and the other 3 dogs were handed over to the reassuring citizens as a result of long efforts.

Eda Ece, who made such an effort and was very sensitive to animal rights, experienced a great regret. Because a brand she played in advertising developed the product by experimenting with animals.

Eda Ece, who experienced great regret and was very upset upon the warning of Şevval Sam, addressed this issue in her live broadcast on instagram.

Eda Ece said, “Once I advertised a brand. Şevval Sam called and warned. It was an experiment on animals. I am very sorry.”

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