Artists News Eda Ece’s pose with her lover created the agenda on social media!

Eda Ece’s pose with her lover created the agenda on social media!

Famous actress Eda Ece, who has been in the lead role for 4 seasons in the “Yasak Elma” series broadcast on Fox TV, has been in love with basketball player Buğrahan Tuncer for a while.

The couple reunited after a short separation. The couple, who prefers to live their relationship out of sight, has recently broken the rule. Eda Ece shared the pose she posed with her lover and dogs with her followers on her Instagram account. The sharing of the famous actress, who has close to 5 million followers on Instagram, received thousands of likes in a short time. Famous names, including Ayşegül Aldinç and Yeliz Şar, also commented on the couple’s photo.

The sharing of Ece and Tuncer, who revealed their happiness, enchanted their followers. Eda Ece, who also answered questions about her relationship in an interview she gave in the past months, said, “I don’t have an effort to show anyone a picture of happiness, I guess, when I post too much Instagram and don’t speak to the microphones, news about it comes out automatically. I don’t want to reveal my private life all the time,” she said.

Acting journalists, “Is your priority career or marriage?” She gave the following answer to the question: I grew up in a good family. I want it to be my family for the future. At this young age, I am trying to produce, create and earn my own living. Of course, I will have a family in the future too.”