Artists News Fans of Birce Akalay liked her new series very well!

Fans of Birce Akalay liked her new series very well!

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Famous actress Birce Akalay played a role in the TV series Babil last season. In the new season, we started to watch the successful actress in the TV series Son Yaz.

Son Yaz series met with the audience on Fox TV screen. Birce Akalay took her place on the screen as intelligence officer Sare. Fans liked the new role of the famous actress very much. Birce Akalay fans, who shared a lot on social media, stated that they both liked the character very much and liked this role very much.

A number of fans wrote: “Birce Akalay suits her role well…” There were many comments like this. Fans of the actress abroad also made comments expressing their appreciation in their own language.

Birce Akalay fans also made many compliments to the actor’s smooth physique and beauty.

Birce Akalay, who once again exhibited her beauty with her blue dress in the new season trailer of Fox TV, became one of the most talked about female actors in social media.

Fans of Birce Akalay liked her new series very well! 8

What kind of character is Sare in Son Yaz series? In the national intelligence agency, she is an intelligence specialist, she. She is the daughter of a Circassian family. She is a graduate of Ankara University, Political Science and Public Administration. After college, she studied homeland security and crime analysis. Sare, whose father was an intelligence officer, joined the organization after completing her education.

Fans of Birce Akalay liked her new series very well! 9

Has high management and direction skills. She has analytical intelligence and she is creative. She pays attention to details. She is extremely cool under stress. She is a self-confident, cynical, ruthless, fixed-minded, witty and stubborn woman. She has worked abroad in war zones. She came to Istanbul after her overseas assignment ended. She is currently teaching criminology at a university she. Sare’s return to active duty; She will be the head of a special team set up for organized crime. Sare will enter the universe of Son Yaz with her secrets.