Merve Boluğur is more beautiful than Adriana Lima
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6 October 2022 10:12


Merve Boluğur is more beautiful than Adriana Lima

Famous actress Merve Boluğur continues to share from her social media account. Merve Boluğur, who shared her pose side by side with the world famous beautiful Adriana Lima, received over 75 thousand likes.

Merve Boluğur, who has not been in the series for 3 years, wants to get on the set but cannot find the project she is looking for, is experiencing a period of pause in her career. She, who met her followers on social media, created mobility by sharing.

Merve Boluğur fans made comments stating that Merve Boluğur is more beautiful by saying “It is one of the photos where Adriana Lima is deflated”.

Her followers praised Merve Boluğur, who said, “Get out of Adriana. Look at charisma.”

It was noted that many followers of the player made similar comments.

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