Artists News Talat Bulut’s big change after Yasak Elma TV series!

Talat Bulut’s big change after Yasak Elma TV series!

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Famous actor Talat Bulut achieved a significant success in the first 3 seasons of the story with the character of Halit, which he portrayed in Yasak Elma series. The actor, who gained appreciation from his fans with his acting, did not appear in another project after the production he left in 2020.

The actor, who draws attention with his shares on social media, is also noticed with the change he has experienced recently. The 65-year-old actor, who takes great care of his health, gained a fit image with the weight he lost.

The actor, who was seen during his meeting with his manager, stated that he lost five and a half kilos in a month and a half. The actor said, “I lost weight. There is a system called intermittent fasting, I am going after it” and stated that he lost weight with this method.

Talking about new projects, Talat Bulut stated that he is currently evaluating projects. The actor said that he will return to his fans by saying, “I hope we will do a very good job.”

Criticizing the discussions about the wages of famous actors, the actor questioned how the objectionable wages were evaluated.

Talat Bulut stated that actors abroad earn much higher, and that they earn less than their foreign colleagues, according to Turkish conditions.